Appraisal Services

Rhodes & Rickolt, P.A. offers a variety of residential appraisal services for many property types. Common assignment types are noted below, and if you don't see a service that fits your needs, call our offices for a more detailed discussion.
Residential Appraisal Services
Residential properties are generally characterized as income-producing and end-user properties utilized for residential purposes. We are an approved appraisal vendor for most financial institutions and can easily be added to your bank's list for your mortgage and refinance needs in most cases. Mr. Charles E. Rickolt, SRA is a preferred appraiser by many organizations for his specialty valuation services. Financial institutions, governmental organizations, insurance companies, law offices, property owners, buyers, and investors have relied on Mr. Rickolt during the past 30 years for complex appraisal assignments and expert witness testimony. We provide a number of valuation services for many residential property types including:

  • Vacant Lots
  • Vacant Acreage
  • Improved Acreage
  • Small Apartments
  • Single-Family Properties
  • Residential Condominiums
  • Horse Farms (all breeds)
  • Horse Training Facilities
  • Training Farms
  • Gentleman's Farms
  • Duplex, Triplex, and Quadplex Properties
  • Stigmatized Properties
We offer appraisal services tailored to many valuation scenarios including market and liquidation value, retrospective value for proposed or renovation properties, appraisal reviews, forensic appraisals, as well as many others.

Our residential appraisal reports comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), can be customized to your specific needs, and are available in a variety of reporting formats ranging from detailed analysis to verbal reporting as well as the generally accepted residential forms (FHA/Fannie-Mae, etc.). USPAP compliance and client privacy are high priorities for all assignments.

Along with our appraisal services, clients will receive an appraisal report that effectively communicates the value conclusion. Our reports typically include all of the information necessary for readers to understand the valuation process, appraiser's rationale, and supporting information for the resulting conclusions.

Market Value Appraisals
A market value appraisal is an essential tool for property owners, buyers, sellers, lending institutions, investors, and real estate Brokers. This valuation scenario provides the user with an opinion of value for the subject property that is relevant to the current market under normal buying conditions.
Liquidation Value Appraisals
Valuing a property for sale based on a limited exposure period is the primary function of a liquidation value appraisal. A liquidation value appraisal is available as a stand-alone assignment or as an add-on service for your market value appraisal (or other appraisal service).
Rent Studies
Although market rental rate information is readily available in most of our market value appraisals, landlords, tenants, and/or investors of commercial and residential properties often require data regarding current lease rates and terms offered in the market. We have the expertise to provide these services.
Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain is defined as "the right of government to take private property for public use upon the payment of just compensation". Eminent domain is typically exercised for new road construction or widening, placement of above and below-ground utilities, construction of drainage facilities, acquisition of air space, and the like. The measure of just compensation is aided by an appraisal of the property under eminent domain. Mr. Rickolt has been involved in eminent domain appraising since Rhodes & Rickolt, P.A. began in 1989 for governmental entities including the City of Ocala, Marion County, and a number of private property owners.
Litigation Support
Mr. Rickolt has extensive experience in preparing appraisals for litigation purposes including foreclosure, deficiency judgments, bankruptcy, estate planning and taxes, creation of trusts, divorce proceedings, and forensic reconstruction assignments including value loss and stigmatized property scenarios. Charles E. Rickolt, SRA has been qualified as an expert witness in the 4th, 5th, and 8th Judicial Circuits of Florida (Marion, Citrus, and Levy County), the United States District Court, Miami Florida Federal Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Florida, and Marlborough District Court in Boston, Massachusetts.
Tax Assessment Valuation
We have prepared market value appraisals for a number of property owners that have successfully challenged the assessed values of the Marion and Citrus Property Appraiser’s Office.
Stigmatized Properties
Residential properties can become stigmatized by a number of influences including crime, murder/suicide, death, public repute, or other influences. Valuation of these complex properties requires specialized research and experience. Although Florida state law does not require any notification to buyers of certain situations (see FL statute 689.25: "Failure to disclose homicide, suicide, deaths, or diagnosis of HIV or AIDS infection in an occupant of real property"), a stigmatized property can be difficult to market effectively. Mr. Rickolt has been relied upon by many real estate agencies, insurance companies, governmental agencies, owners, and investors to appropriately consult on stigmatized properties.
Other Appraisal Services
In addition to the typical residential appraisal and the more complex assignments noted above, Our residential appraisal services can be custom tailored to every client's needs. Some other services we offer include desk review and field review assignments, appraisal review, market studies and rent studies, drive-by appraisal services, and other valuation services ranging in intensity from simple to complex.